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Accessible Hong Kong Accessible Hong Kong

Barrier-free travel is now widely available in Hong Kong and visitors with disabilities can enjoy pleasant and hassle-free stays. There is a range of accessible accommodation, activities, attractions and services, as well as convenient ways of getting around the city.

Check out the following links for resources available for people with disabilities who are planning a trip to Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation: A Visitor’s Guide to Accessible Facilities in Hong Kong

Provides comprehensive information about accessible facilities in Hong Kong including the following categories:

Website: www.accessguide.hk

Transport Department: Services for people with disabilities

Provides a handy downloadable guide to public transport for people with disabilities, as well as information about parking and pedestrian crossing facilities for the visually impaired.

Website: www.td.gov.hk

Easy-Access Travel Ltd.

Specialises in arranging inbound sightseeing and shopping chartered tours for people with restricted mobility, as well as providing accessible transport services within Hong Kong.

Website: www.rehabsociety.org.hk

Accessible taxi service
  • Diamond Cab: Accommodates a maximum of two wheelchair users on a single trip with two carers, or one wheelchair user with up to four passengers.
  • SynCab: Accommodates a maximum of one wheelchair user on a single trip with two carers, or four passengers without wheelchairs.
Barrier-free Travel Guide

Provides detailed information about barrier-free restaurants and travel in Hong Kong.

Website: e-cgo.org.hk

Please contact us if you need further information on barrier-free travel in Hong Kong.